Marlin has helped Jari swim 500K

“Hello everyone! This past summer, I achieved an impressive 544 kilometers of swimming. In the previous summer, I covered 198 kilometers, and back in 2021, I swam a total of 328 kilometers. Throughout these incredible journeys, I relied on the Marlin Swim Meter for precise navigation, especially during my challenging 33.3-kilometer swim across the Ă…land Sea.

Over the course of these more than 1000 kilometers, I learned a valuable lesson. Twice, I veered off course due to my own decisions, disregarding the guidance of Marlin. Those instances served as costly reminders of the importance of following trusted technology.

If you’re planning to undertake extended open-water swims, prioritize your safety by equipping yourself with a Marlin Swim Meter. It’s an essential tool to ensure you stay on track and avoid the pitfalls of straying from your intended course.”