Marlin with Optical HR Sensor





Platysens Marlin x Polar Optical Heart Rate Sensor


Combining GPS*, Motion Sensors and Voice Technology, Marlin provides realtime audio feedback to swimmers.  Important swimming parameters such as lap time, stroke rate and even navigation* information are provided instantly to swimmers without disrupting the swimmers' motion.

Now together with Polar Versity Sense or Polar OH1+, an optical heart rate monitor.  You can also hear your realtime heart rate from the Marlin bone conduction headset while you swim.   You can listen to your body and perform the most suitable training.

How to wear the Polar Optical HR Sensor?

How it works?

Pair your Polar Optical HR Sensor (Verity Sense / OH1+) with your Platysens Marlin

Define Heart Zone in Marlin App

Remember to go to "TARGET PERFORMANCE" page to define your "Heart Rate Zone" and set to your Marlin. You will hear your heart rate every 10s if it is out of the range. Listen to your body condition and then adjust your swimming pace instantly.

Report average heart rate

Enable "Report Heart Rate" under "OPTION" page will allow Marlin to also tell your average heart rate in each lap reporting

Review your workout

Average Heart Rate in Marlin App

Synchronize your workout after swim, review your average heart rate in each lap from Marlin app

Platysens X Polar