Marlin X rowing meter


MarlinX is the perfect rowing companion for you and your crew

MarlinX is an all-in-one GPS, Telemetry, Stroke Coach, Erg App, Training Programme delivery system. The multi-purpose rowing companion provides for your every need at all levels of the sport. Just clip the MarlinX onto your body or blade and off you go.

The device connects to our app to provide rowers with every bit of necessary info to help them design sessions, monitor their performance and improve their stroke.


NOTE – App is Apple IOS only at this stage

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MarlinX is the ultimate rowing technology device. Forget about the clunkiness, multiple devices, losing data and failed set ups. Just connect your MarlinX to your app, clip it onto your body and start rowing.

Use it individually or link up to 8 rowers using the MarlinX app, so that you get a unified view of the entire crew and your patterns together. The app can overlay the data over a video stream in real time. The app also records your session or race for playback and future analysis.

The MarlinX  is so powerful that even without an actual video of you rowing, it assembles the full picture of your stroke and all relevant data and statistics. 

Key Features

Training Programme – Plan your programme, put it into the easy-to-use app and let MarlinX take you through your session, from hands only to full out pieces, just like a personal coach. 

Stroke Coach – This function measures your strokes per minute, and in programme mode your MalinX will notify you if you need to go up or down, just like a coach would.

Erg – Link your Concept 2 PM5 to the app to record your scores, your power curves and your movement curves for later analysis.  

GPS – Our sensitive GPS tracking works  visually through the App and via voice interface through your headset. MarlinX will inform you about Speed, Pace, Distance, Time, Heart rate in real time. 

Navigation – Plot your course within the app and follow the waypoints, and MarlinX will keep you on course with voice guidance.

Individual and Crew Telemetry – MarlinX tracks your every movement using gyro and GPS tech. Using secure linking, you can connect all your crew’’s devices into a single app. You are able to see your individual and team movement pattern through the stroke, both in the drive phase and your rotational movement. It paints a picture of your performance and helps the coach pinpoint where there’s room for improvement.

Boat Check – The device visualises the negative movement of your boat against the movements you make, so you can move faster without working harder, in real time.


Technical Specifications

  • Consists of MarlinX, Headset, Platysens USB charger, Body Clip, Blade Clip.  


Marlin mobile App specifications

The MarlinX App is available on iOS and is free for download. Users of the MarlinX App can:

  • Configure all settings on MarlinX
  • Define waypoints and set courses for navigation
  • Configure session trainer programs
  • Review recorded telemetry for finished sessions
  • Observe real time telemetry for single or multiple connected MarlinX devices
  • Connect to leading sports platforms including Strava, Endomondo,, SportTracks, Training PeaNOTE –
  • App is Apple IOS only at this stage

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