Platysens Marlin can now pair with Polar OH1+ to hear Real-time Heart Rate while you Swim

Platysens Marlin has released the new firmware version 2.11.1 recently.  One of the key features in this upgrade is it can pair with Polar OH1+ and hear your real-time heart rate when you swim.

With just a few clicks on the setting in the Marlin App (detail can refer to the Helpdesk page),  you can then clip your Marlin and OH1+ onto the strap of your swimming goggle and then go swimming.

You can then listen to your body condition (heart rate) while you swim and perform the most suitable training based on your real-time condition.

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Pair Marlin and OH1+ in Marlin App

Clip Platysens Marlin and Polar OH1+ at your goggle strap