Holoswim ar smart swim goggles


  • Real-time swim data access in goggles.
  • Track up to 10 key swim metrics.
  • Maximized AR view for visual clarity.
  • Ultimate long-lasting anti-fog performance.
  • No subscription required for lifetime use.





Dive into the future of swimming with Holoswim Smart AR Goggles, the ultimate companion for every swimmer. Designed to elevate your aquatic experience, these cutting-edge goggles offer real-time access to essential swim data right before your eyes.

With Holoswim, you can effortlessly track up to 10 key swim metrics, including lap count, stroke rate, distance, and more. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision as you monitor your performance with unparalleled accuracy.

Experience unmatched visual clarity with our maximized AR view, providing crystal-clear data overlays directly within your line of sight. Whether you’re training for competition or simply enjoying a leisurely swim, stay informed and focused without ever missing a beat.

Tired of foggy goggles hindering your visibility? Holoswim features ultimate long-lasting anti-fog performance, ensuring uninterrupted clarity throughout your swim sessions. Enjoy pristine vision from start to finish, no matter the conditions.

And the best part? With Holoswim, there’s no subscription required for lifetime use. That’s right, enjoy the full suite of features without any additional costs or commitments. Dive into the future of swimming with Holoswim Smart AR Goggles and take your aquatic adventures to new heights.