Designed based on the award winning Platysens Marlin platform, the Marlin-X is a variation of Marlin designed by rowers for rowers. With software and mounting systems adapted for rowing sports, the Marlin-X brings the data, audio feedback and training programs to the rowing community.  The unit comes with a basic user account that covers features such as GPS navigation, single training programs and data loggin.   Additional features can be enabled with an advance subscription.

Pricing information for Marlin-X subscription is listed on the Marlin-X Subscription page.  The product is currently in limited beta and not yet available on retail. The estimated price of each unit is around £200. Please contact for more information

(The Marlin-X is only designed to be used with the provided cable and earphones. Do not use with any other earphones or cable as the  pins are different from standard earphones.)

Key Features

  • Realtime Audio Feedback for: Rate, Speed, Distance and Pace
  • GPS Navigation with Audio Cues
  • Body Movement Tracking*
  • Blade Movement Tracking
  • Boat Movement Tracking
  • Realtime Crew Movement Analysis*
  • Training Program Setting with Audio Delivery
  • Instant Data Transfer to Cox
  • Visual Data to the Marlin-X App

*Some Features require additional subscriptions.

What is in the Box?

  • 1 Marlin-X Unit
  • 1 Earpiece Unit
  • 1 Mounting Clip
  • 1 Flexible Clip
  • 1 Charging Cable


Use the Marlin-X App to configure the Marlin-X.  After your workout, synchronize your data to your favourite platforms using the Marlin-X App. Currently, only the iOS version of the Marlin-X is supported.